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New Diagnosis

If you are new to the autism spectrum world, here are a few selected resources we suggest as a starting place.

As an affiliate of Autism Society of Indiana (ASI), we follow the Options Policy of ASI and Autism Society of America. This means we do not endorse or promote the providers, organizations or resources listed here but offer them as resources for you to choose those that work best in your family.

Getting a diagnosis

How and Where to Obtain a Diagnosis/Assessment in Indiana by Dr. Cathy Pratt and others from the Indiana Resource Center for Autism

Local resources: a place to start

GPS: Guiding Parents to Services. A project of ADEC for families in Elkhart County with a child who has a disability. Helps parents connect with community resources. Contact Viv Blakeslee 574-294-6197 Ext 105.

Facebook group of Asperger Autism Group of Goshen - This semi-private online discussion group is a place to ask your questions and learn from other local parents.

Nuts & Bolts Newsletter will keep you up to date on local autism spectrum events and resources. Subscribe here.

A listening ear: Feel free to contact one of the group leaders with your individual questions. Or contact Autism Society of Indiana's Autism Ally for north central Indiana, Dena Deal.

Guides for families new to autism

Autism Speaks 100 Day Kit and the Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Tool Kit were created specifically for newly diagnosed families to make the best possible use of the 100 days following their child's diagnosis of autism or AS/HFA.

Autism Society's online course: Autism 101

Ohio Parent's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders
The focus for developing this guide was "What do you wish you had known the first year your child was diagnosed?" Most of the guide is equally pertinent for families living outside Ohio. 

Diagnosed ... Now What?*

You might want to consider any or all of the following steps. 

  1. Educate yourself and loved ones about Autism Spectrum Disorder
  2. Get on the Autism, Developmental Disability and Support Services Medicaid Waiver Waiting Lists
  3. Find a support group
  4. Call First Steps (if your child is under 3) or the Special Education department of your local school district
  5. Obtain the support of professionals knowledgeable about autism
  6. Verify if the Indiana Autism Insurance Mandate works for you
  7. Subscribe to mailing lists of Indiana autism organizations
  8. Subscribe to local autism resources
  9. Contact your local 911 registry to alert first responders that an individual with autism resides in your home
  10. Educate yourself about special education law by attending an IEP/Article 7 training
  11. Consider seeking the support of a marriage and/or family therapist familiar with autism for yourself and your family

*Adapted from a brochure by Easter Seals Arc of Northeast Indiana.

Información en español

Indiana Resource Center for Autism información en español

Manual de 100 Días de Autism Speaks fue diseñado exclusivamente para familias que recientemente fueron evaluadas, para hacer el mejor uso de los 100 días después del diagnoses de autismo.