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Gentle Teaching March 3

posted Feb 28, 2014, 8:46 AM by Christine Guth   [ updated Feb 28, 2014, 8:47 AM ]
Gentle Teaching is the topic for the next meeting of Asperger Autism Group of Goshen. Anthony McCrovitz, Executive Director for Globe Star (, will be speaking. 

Where: 8th Street Mennonite Church, 602 S 8th St., Goshen
When: March 3, 2014, 7-8:30 pm
Childcare by reservation: Contact Brenda Yost

Description: Creating A Culture of Gentleness is designed to teach parents to tend the garden of growing hearts to inspire values for a healthy social/emotional development within children, especially those who have developmental disabilities.   This workshop is based on four life-lessons.  The first lesson is “My friend, when you are with us, you are safe. These hands will never hurt you. These words will not put you down. These eyes will look warmly and lovingly at you.” The next lesson is related to the first, “You are not only safe with us, you are loved! Our love is unconditional!”. The third lesson is, “Learn that it is good to be with us, do things with us, and even do things for others!” And, the last lesson is, “Learn to be loving toward others!” Safe, loved, engaged, and loving.

This presentation is for parents, teachers, health care professionals, community members. and their child who are looking to improve the quality of lives of children.  It will will identify the key purpose which is to involve the child fully, including the home, community, and school. This will facilitate learning to help others and learning to think well of themselves in coming to believe in their own future. Helping others builds resilience and sense of self-worth, as does being challenged to think about ethics, values and personal responsibility.

It will give participants tools to assess their own community, whether it’s the home, school, or community system, to create an invitation to the endless possibilities to engage us all in table dialogue, yet allowing one’s own dissenting conversation and beliefs to open us up to the commitment to a more gentle community to unfold this true “gift” of gentleness for our children.

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